Yeah it’s Friday

It looks like everyone is reading. Yeah. I think I’m going give Mary Kay Andrews a try. Her books sound hilarious. My next read after Sins of the Night will be DarkFever and BloodFever. I have some friends raving about them. Then I’ll have to look for Mary Kay.

Yesterday I had almost no meetings and I came home with enough energy to shred the junk mail. I feel accomplished. The junk mail pile usually stacks up after several weeks and it always feels good to see an empty bin by the shredder.

I have to go the library this weekend to return some books so I’ll see if they have any Mary Kay on the shelf. I’m finally making progress on my to-do list at work as well, seeing that I caught a break from meetings this week.

If anyone watched Lost last night…well I’m still Lost. It’s good but so confusing that I’m still scratching my head. Actually it’s more confusing than ever. Sayid story was really sad and I think he’s the under dog tortured hero of the show. I guess it was the show’s attempt at a Valentine’s Day special.

Spoiler here:

Make love, then the girl I says I love you, and then he shoots her dead.

 Okay so there’s more to it than that. And I the last 30 seconds in true Lost fashion your jaw drops.

Maybe that’s why I love the show. They are very good at giving you nothing but make you want to come back for more.

Heee.Now next week we get to see a frisky Sawyer and Kate. Yeah!Well that’s about it from here. Nothing much to report. Anyone planning something fun this weekend? Tell me about it.


2 Responses to “Yeah it’s Friday”

  1. That chick was a double-agent. She was using Sayid to get the name of his employer (Ben) and she was going ot kill him anyway. It’s very AliasK/em> and I think that’s cool. hehe I knew THE SECOND Sayid walked into that vet and started talking to Ben that it was Ben even before they showed him. The question is…what happened to make Sayid end up working for him? AND – that guy he shot and killed on the golf course – I’m guessing he was one of Sayid’s “hits” and he was on the list. BUT WHY?! haha I’m not sure about the show, still, but I dig the twist they are taking this year. Flash-forwards instead of flashbacks. COOL

  2. and CRAP my ital tag didn’t close properly LOL

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