Happy VD

Enjoy this little bit of nostalgia. 😉

And this hot of the press – when your favorite shows will return to TV and how many episodes are left.

Since TV won’t return until April I challenge everyone to read during March. How about 1 to 4 books? Let me know what your reading and I’ll post.



2 Responses to “Happy VD”

  1. Hey cool idea. I’m currently reading “The Smoke Thief”. 🙂

  2. I’ve gotten hooked on the author Mary Kay Andrews. Her book that I read a month ago was called “Savannah Blues.”

    Synopsis: Deep South woman who buys and sells antiques finds out her husband is having an affair. They divorce, he gets the big historical house, she gets left with the carriage house behind for former mansion. Before the ink dries on the divorce papers, the now-ex wastes no time in moving in the new floozy Floozy is soon found dead. Guess who the main suspect is?

    2 weeks ago I finished another of her books called “Savannah Breeze” and I just started “Hissy Fit.”


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