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Well thank goodness Tuesday was a far better day than Monday, when I went to work with two ass cheeks only to come out with one. Even though I didn’t get a good night sleep during the weird rain event I did end up being sleepy or crabby, and got through my meetings with no problems.

Ended the day with a nice steak dinner at Outback. They have returned to my good graces, having gone back to selling beef that’s pretty darn decent again. And now they have a couple of chefs that can cook (they know what medium is).

I can not believe I’ve been sucked in to Biggest Loser but I love that show and last night was a tear jerker as Trent sacrificed himself and went home so his team mates wouldn’t be divided during the elimination round. I can’t believe I get all into that stuff but hey what else is on the TV? What I like about that show is that you can see people getting healthier each week and just inspires me (probably for the 2 hours it’s on) to go get healthy. Then I go to bed with big dreams of losing weight, getting fit and changing my life. Then come the morning all that goes out the window as I dream about a pit stop at Starbucks for coffee and a cranberry scone.

 Oh well not much to talk about this morning. Sorry for the blah blog but I’m still trying to wake up from having gone to bed on a very full stomach. I can feel a difference in me when I have the larger of my meals during the middle of the day versus at the end. I end up being lethargic the following day until about noon. Do you experience that?


3 Responses to “Blah Blah Blog”

  1. Hm…no, I don’t experience that but I do have food hangover. Maybe that’s the same thing. LOL

    I’m addicted to American Idol this year. I LOVE THAT GAL that sounds like Janis Joplin. She’s this very tough broad who hides a Harley and is a nurse by day. She’s cool. I love her. I also love that girl that’s from Ireland. She has a beautiful voice!!

    Okay, anyway… I slept like the dead last night and it was glorious 🙂

  2. that should have said RIDES a Harley… sheesh… stupid fingers

  3. Don’t get too excited about Outback. The turnover in the food industry is notorious. I’m sure they’ll have a guy back there soon that will torch your steak… 😉

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