I’ve been battling allergies and coupled with a few long days at work, I decided to take it easy this weekend and slept most of it away. I have two projects that are going live this week and next and even though I’m happy it means more follow up work on my plate fielding questions from people, getting the announcements out, etc. So unfortunately I don’t have too much to report other than I took the weekend off to recharge.

I think I went out of the house once and that was to get groceries.

I also gave myself permission to get lost in a book and re-read Seize the Night by Sherrily Kenyon. Next on my list is Sins of the Night. I’m re-reading all the Dark Hunter books because they inspire me to write. If I were to put on my editor hat I would say there are holes throughout these books but the reader in me just loves the characters and the pacing is great.

I think what makes a good story is not how well it was written in the prose sort of way, but how well the story and the characters stay with me far beyond the last page.

Julia Quinn also does that. I’m not a big Regency fan but her characters are done so well they are people you want to get know in real life. Now that is the mark of a good author and fantastic story teller.

For me there doesn’t have to be a major plot or message in a book to be enjoyable. I’m just looking for characters that I care about enough to keep turning the page.

Several friends are reading DarkFever and BloodFever by Karen Marie Moning so that will be next on the list of reads after I catch up with the Dark Hunter series.

She has a couple of news ones out and then I’ll be all caught up. My plan is to read a book a week and whittle down by TBR pile.

 Well it’s back to writing and then off to work I go. Happy Monday morning.


3 Responses to “Recharged”

  1. I wish I could have slept most of the weekend. Instead I worked my ass off. hehe

  2. You’re a lazy bum… I’m like your friend. I worked my ass off too!

  3. nice work, dude

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