HHT/What Music?

Like many of my fellow writers there are songs that connect to the story I’m writing. And during the writing process these songs through the words or music make me think of a scene or the overall tone of the story.

So I thought it would be fun to share some of these with you that make me think of FN. If you’re not familiar with these and want to hear a sample you can check them out on iTunes.

Beautiful Way- Beck

What’s on my Mind- Blake Shelton

Aint’ Nothing ‘Bout You (that don’t do something for me) – Brooks and Dunn

Alone- Heart (sung by Celine Dion)

Son of a Preacher Man- Dusty Springfield

A Little Less Conversation- Elvis Presley

Burning Love- Elvis Presley

LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude- Justin Timberlake

Future Sex/LoveSound- Justin Timberlake

Black and White People- Matchbox Twenty

I Like It- Moby

Long Day- Matchbox Twenty

Burning Down the House-Talking Heads (sung by Tom Jones & The Cardigans) 



3 Responses to “HHT/What Music?”

  1. Hey, I know a lot of these and really like them!!!! And just where do you get such hunky pics. This is one I REALLY like, LOL! C’mon, admit it! Do you have a hunk stash somewhere you are not telling????

  2. HS. I’m…um… there’s a list of songs here???

  3. I see that the Beatles “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?” didn’t make your list…

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