The weather….yuck

The computer screen is fuzzy. Why, because I’m groggy and can’t see straight. I woke up at 3am to the rumbling of thunder and a stuffy house; even though the windows were open. There was also a disco light show complete with freaky finger lighting striking everywhere. I tried falling back to sleep but didn’t manage any shut-eye until 5am. It’s now 730am and I’m slowly waking up again. The weather has changed yet again, and will drop 40 degrees by sunset. I think it’s just too much for my body. This time of year my head and muscles get a work out trying to adjust the daily change of hot, cold, stuffy, dry, humid, etc…as mother nature can’t make up her mind if it’s spring or winter.I met a friend for coffee last night and she helped me work out some ideas I have for FN. I also listened to her talk about her writing goals; she’s actually completed some of them already, inspired me to get my butt in gear. Don’t get me wrong I was inspired already now just super-duper inspired.  My meetings have dropped off to a minimum this week and I’m toying with taking Friday off to write. Today I have a lunch meeting for most of the afternoon which will be fun because I’m having lunch with people I really like to work with. There also may be a station visit to Florida for the day in the cards too, so I can meet people that I work remotely with.Well that’s it from here…not too much to report since I’m still waking up. J


2 Responses to “The weather….yuck”

  1. That Friday off thing – GO FOR IT!!! 😉

  2. GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR: TAKE FRIDAY OFF!!! I expect to see a significant increase in your “novel tracker count” by the end of Friday as well as the end of the weekend!!

    I’LL BE WATCHING YOU……..!!!!!!

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