Made it through another week

I certainly have more to report this weekend than last. :/

I cleaned off the shelves in my garage, taking all the paint cans down dusting them off (a lot of cobwebs yuck). I did the same on the side of the garage and grabbed all the weed killer, insect stuff, and just hazardous garbage in general, and packed it all up in two recycle bins. I took it all to the hazardous waste center.

 The guys there are so nice too. I’ve been there before, even though it’s been awhile. It’s a drive through so you just pull in and they remove all the stuff, no getting out of the car. I wish more places were like that, like the grocery store. If I could just give someone a list and then they bring it out to me, I wouldn’t have to deal with screaming hyperactive kids or folks that have no grocery store etiquette.

But back to the waste place…there’s always one guy who likes to chat and they are all real young, probably just out of high school. So I ended up hearing about school and the demanding girlfriend. Btw when did guys get so chatty about their personal life? It was no big deal and I enjoyed the conversation, but I’ve noticed that been happening a lot to me lately. OMG maybe because I’m older and more approachable? Like a mom? Oh boy. Well anyway had a nice time visiting at the hazardous waste place. Is my life that boring?

Then it was off to the library where I checked out several books on Special Ops forces. I’ve now written enough of FN to get an idea of the hero’s past and it involves Special Ops. I don’t know what branch of the military he was in but I’m leaning towards either Green Berets or Rangers. SEALs to me are overdone and the more I read about the Rangers in particular the more I’m intrigued. There is also another special ops team that I’m toying with too. It’s a little unknown unit in the Marines called Recon Forces. These guys are just plain crazy. They not only come from the best of the best marine stock they go through both Ranger and SEAL training. If you are the enemy you definitely don’t want a Recon Force coming after you.

I’m also taking an online writer course on Specials Ops and I was absolutely engrossed reading the first lecture. It’s being taught by a very well known author who was also a former Special Ops person and trained teams. I’m really interested in the psychology of someone who chooses to do this. That knowledge I hope will help in developing the hero.


So after the Library I scurried over to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a new bath scrubby. BBB is the only store that carries the scrubby I use and of course when I got to the scrubby section all they had left was white. I like green or blue but all those colors were half way up the 20ft wall and I didn’t want to get help. So I left with one white scrubby.

After that it was on to lunch and then I made dinner plans with friends.

 Sunday I got stuff ready for the charity truck that’s coming later this week. I’m getting rid of a desk, some household things and of course clothes. I also took some books to the book store and swapped them out for new ones and… I wrote.So all in all it was a good weekend despite a challenging week at work that made me want to crawl in bed and hibernate.I hope to make great progress on FN this week so wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Made it through another week”

  1. Since you mentioned the Special Forces, did you know that a military sniper is also selected from among the Best of the Best? I can’t even imagine the mental preparation that would have to go into that job.

  2. hehe you love those SpecialOps Heroes, don’t you? 😉 Sounds like you had a busy, productive weekend! I didn’t get any writing done, sadly.

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