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This is the way I feel at 5:30 everyday trying to leave work. I didn’t get home until 8:30 last night. The night before it was 8:00 and Tuesday it was 7:30. I believe there’s a pattern developing. We discovered a defect in one of our applications yesterday and when 70% of your tech crew is out sick (bless their hearts) you have to make due with what you have. So no Idol for me, but got caught up on the cast off’s quick. No Lost, I’m now behind four episodes. I quickly watched last week’s Survivor eating a bowl of cereal -which was a pretty good vote off session for a second episode and then it was off to bed. The worst part…no day off for me today. I was so looking forward to slumming. Oh well I’ll save that vacation day for some other time. Oh don’t mind me. I’m just having a tiny pity party.


What a week

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Yes, I’ve been off the radar for the past few days. Mostly because of, sometimes ‘the man’ demands all my time and I have to heed the call. The other day I noticed after getting to work and out of my car that my tire was low on air. Upon closer examination tire was on the verge of flat. I park in the basement in the parking garage so I cringed. No way was a tow truck getting down there. So all day I was working with the car company to get someone out to change my tire. I had meetings all day and a small window of only 2 hours to meet someone and escort them into our guarded parking area.

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Saturday Funny

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Enough is enough

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Oh my God! They don’t make my hair mouse anymore! Arrgggghhhh.I went to Walmart last week and couldn’t find it, then to couple of drugstores…nothing. I knew something was up when I couldn’t find my Thermasilk volumizing mouse. I Google searched the web this morning and found blog after blog that Thermasilk has discontinued their products and now is called Sunsilk. Furthermore I hear, through the blog channels it’s not the same stuff. When I first thought Walmart was just out of the stuff I bought something else and for the past week and a half look like I have a cat on my head who’s trying to shake himself dry after falling in the bathtub. I don’t think I can leave the house again. I also haven’t been able to find my bra anymore. Let’s just say I am not a happy camper. More a frustrated frizzy- headed, broken-bra wearing woman who’s had enough of change already this year. Yuck and spit!


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Simon, with his strategically placed bubbles, dropped his gun after seeing Gunter’s was bigger.

My bad…couldn’t help myself. There was no cropping out the man legs.

The Fifth Season

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Did you know there’s actually five seasons? Yup. Besides summer and fall, and in between winter and spring there’s Idol.

It’s Idol season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I tuned in last night for the first time this season after skipping all the two hour try-outs that leave you plugging your ears and yelling at the TV. “You fool now the only thing you’ll be remembered for is what an idiot you were trying out for Idol.”

I thought the guys did great given the song choices left me yawning. Don’t get me wrong the songs were fine not just the best for the first night to show off their stuff. Some of them came to the front for me, Mike Johns (hottie) Jason Castro (hottie with beautiful eyes) and David Cook (sexy singing). There were a few others who had great voices but not the equal parts stage presence, at least yet. Even though Simon always says “this is a singing competition” it isn’t. The winner has to be marketable which means you have to have a certain amount of sexy appeal.

Do you watch Idol?

Do you have any faves?


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I was talking to a friend last night – -more like whining to a friend last night about my lack of writing. She’s so good. She nods and listens while I ramble. I tend to solve my problem when I ramble, kind of like a mad scientist wringing his hands as he paces back and forth.

I figured out why my writing has slowed way down. My brain hasn’t been creatively feed. It’s been living off work and chores, and obligations, and horrible TV. I am in essence eating empty caloric potato chips instead of the potato. Okay bad analogy but you get it. So TV is going off, reading is coming in, work is over at 5:30, and I see a 30 minute walk in my future everyday. That’s it no more excuses. I’m sick of being stuck in the same place.

Whew! I feel better.

 What have you done to get out a rut?