Quirks and bad habits

I’ve noticed a few things about myself that lately have got me to thinking if I have quirks, or just bad habits.  There are little things I do or don’t like doing that make me wonder about myself. For instance. I only make my bed on the weekends. During the week I’m just too busy and besides <g> it’s not like anyone sees it so it just stays messy. I just hate to make the bed. It’s not that it’s that hard, well maybe a little because it’s pushed up against one wall and is several inches higher than a normal bed so I have to use step- stool to make it. But even if it were in the middle of the room, I probably leave it unmade because it’s just an annoying chore. Now the downside of all this is I like to crawl into a bed that’s made.  Emptying the dishwasher is another thing that is at the bottom of my list. More like not on the list. Putting the dishes in there isn’t a problem but taking them out and putting it all away, especially the silverware, now there’s a scary thought. All those pieces that have to be put back in place having to go a certain way, drive me nuts.

I will not iron unless absolutely necessary. My clothes all wash and wear. Screw the establishment and those who say ironing is therapeutic your just kidding yourself. Tell me that in the summer.  Then there is the changing of the toilet paper roll. Toilet paper should go on forever and never run out so unhooking the thing from the holder, throwing the cardboard thingy in the trash, and putting on a new one is just a waste of time. So for a few days the cardboard cylinder hangs there like a decoration from a gas station restroom with a full fluffy roll on the sink by the throne. I eventually give in, my finger gets pinched in the process and it’s done.

Okay, well that was interesting. Now back to your regular scheduled programming and back to writing for me.


3 Responses to “Quirks and bad habits”

  1. Following your logic then about the dishwasher, I’m going to assume that you don’t mind starting the wash machine or maybe even transferring the washed clothes to the dryer… It’s the part about taking them out and putting them away that you don’t like!


  2. LOL!! I hate scooping the cat box. AND changing the toilet paper roll, too!!

  3. Thought of something else I’ll bet you HATE (following your logic of course):

    Do you like to go to the grocery store, load up the cart, and then when you get home —> Does it piss you off to have to put all the groceries away?


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