Busy Writing

I’m busy writing away. I’m still slow but making progress (see my progress meter). I’m working on a fun scene at the moment and it has me engaged. Perhaps though not enough to increase my speed so I’ll need to work on it some. I have busy work week too which doesn’t help. I know, I mention it a lot but I can’t help it. It’s main part of my life right now and one who blogs, blogs about their life right? I’m going to try and finish an article that I’m writing for my chapter newsletter this weekend and get that marked off my new year’s resolution goal checklist. I wrote several last year, and some were picked up and published by other chapters. That made me feel good. We even had a chapter contest and those that wrote articles were put in a drawing and guess who won? Yes, yours truly. <g>

My goals are very simple and obtainable this year.

1. Write article.

2. Finish firs draft of FN.

3. Edit FN.

4. Submit FN to a few publishers.

And that’s it. So why is it so damn hard? LOL


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