A few more words

Yup wrote a few more words. Was a slug all day Saturday so I have lots to make up for today. I’m glad it’s warming up here but the morning fog is creepy. It reminds me of London with the mist rolling around. It made ghostly shadows against the porch lights and I thought of the movie the Fog. I got creeped out as I let Bentley out this morning. I watched as his little body disappear into the cloudy darkness that covered the backyard. I think he was scared too because he hesitated after I opened the sliding glass doors. He looked at me and wagged his tail and I shrugged my shoulders. I then went to make coffee and he was in the house shortly after I hit the brew button. Usually he takes his time and when he returned looked happy to have been done with his business and back in the house. The fog is starting to lift now but still very present. Yesterday it didn’t burn off completely until early afternoon and it appears there will be a repeat performance this morning. Okay enough blogging and enough of the weather. I’ve got to get back to writing.


2 Responses to “A few more words”

  1. The way you wrote about the fog even sounded spooky to me and I’ve never thought one way or the other about fog (unless it was going to screw up my non-rev trip for the week!)

  2. I thought it was creepy too… When I looked out my office window, it rolled down the street and you couldn’t see but one or two houses. Freaky.

    Glad you’re writing!

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