Word Count

Yikes. I’ve been keeping track of my daily word count by keeping a monthly planner at my desk. Everyday after writing, I jot down the number of words written. 250 words equal one page and to have written 1000 words in a day is considered productive because that’s about four pages. Well this morning I looked over what I had accomplished since Jan 1st and there was good and bad news. Good news is I’ve progressed, writing anywhere from a half a page to a full page every week day and on the weekends about four pages. The bad news is I have a 70K mark that I was trying to hit by the end of January. As you can see by my word meter I am far from that goal. So we are going to have to move to plan B here. Since the writers strike has stripped anyway anything that would be called worthy entertainment, the TV is going hiatus. Not only will I have to write in the mornings, but evenings too. I’ve decided to not stop blogging because it’s a warm up for my mind in the morning but I’m going to have to do a better job about sitting in one place for an hour or so. I tend to get up frequently and walk around. It helps me think. When I’m moving I can generate what a scene is going to look like and how it will play out.  One of the things I’m not going to say is that I won’t make my self imposed deadline. Yes it looks bleak but when you think positive thoughts even in the face of defeat you’d be surprised at how far you go. I’m not going to say it’s okay if I push this into February either. I’m just going to keep plugging under the assumption that this first draft will be molded by the end of next week. I did have a great moment of plotting Saturday when some of the character emotions and what’s at stake finally came to me. I wrote four pages just on what I see the next few scenes being and that in itself I think will help to speed up the process. I was floundering a bit knowing how I wanted the story to go but not how to get there. One scene in particular that was going to be the climax is now going to be a turning point in the middle of the book. It was an ah-ha moment because then I saw all these other possibilities and the story starting flowing much better and I was writing faster.So it’s back to writing as much as I can before I take a shower and head off to work. It’s going to be cloudy and misty all day, a gloomy looking day for sure but I’ll be in meetings all day, in windowless rooms so I’m happy to know I’m not missing any sunshine. <g>


2 Responses to “Word Count”

  1. YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂 I’m proud of you for writing every day because I know it’s not easy.

  2. I agree with Michelle!

    The way you caught my interest with this story when you first wrote a few chapters for the blog has me REALLY wanting you to finish it too!

    Your fans are depending on you! 😉

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