It’s not just bleach it’s Clorox

 I have to admit I’ve have spent some of my extra time lately in search for the song used in the Clorox the commercials. I know I’m crazy to have fallen in love with a commercial but I’m sure you’ll recognize these. (links below).

 There are two of them; one is with a boy who pretends he’s a pirate and the other a girl who’s pretending to be a mermaid. I absolutely love the music and I’ve enjoyed watching the commercials.  After an extensive Google search, to my dismay the music is not available on iTunes, or for sale anywhere. I did find however that it was composed by H. Scott Salinas for the Amber Music Company who provides music for commercials. The song is titled The Piratae and the Mermaid. And you know what? I’m not crazy for falling in love with the commercial. People all over the world are asking where they can get this. Rumor has it that it will be released for sale but so far nothing yet. In the meantime…enjoy these clips on YouTube. I’ve also included one where someone has mixed the music which I enjoyed too. It’s the last link and doesn’t have video.


7 Responses to “It’s not just bleach it’s Clorox”

  1. As I was reading your blog about getting so wrapped up in a Clorox commercial and the companion music, I have to tell you: I was thinking “Sandy has finally done it… She’s officially 2 flamingos short of a flock.” :-O

    But… After hearing the music (and the commercials *which by themselves should get whatever the Advertising equivalent of the Oscar is*) —-> I am hereby giving you back your 2 flamingos! Your brain and your flock are truly intact! Great music!! Let me know when you track it down!!


  2. OO! If you do find it – I want a copy! 🙂

  3. blueskyproject Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the album, THE BLUE SKY PROJECT: A CLOROX CHARITY COLLECTION, will be shipped to the distributor shortly. It contains extended versions of the tracks for “Mermaid” and “Pirates.” Once it ships to the distributor, it will take as long as 6 weeks to appear on sites such as itunes. Look for the music to be available for download sometime in mid-March (hopefully!)

    All profits from the album will go to a charity that benefits music programs in public schools.

  4. you can also download the album on itunes. Search for “blue sky project”

  5. The album is now up on itunes.

  6. I am looking to know where I can get the song from the armor all commercial starring Tony Stewart. I would appreciate your help.

  7. GfKL37 comment5 ,

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