Baby it’s cold outside

I’m sitting in my chair at the computer with a foggy brain. I have to complete several pages today and I’m trying to wake up. I know it’s the weekend but I get up at just about the same time every morning. Good there is a routine. The house is so quiet except for the howling wind. Round two of our cold front is moving through and the blustery cold air is making a racket on my windows like something from a horror movie. Burrrrr. I had to turn the heat up last night because of a frigid mother nature. I usually turn the heat down before going to bed but this little nasty change in weather was just down right bone chilling cold.

I have couple of things planned for today. I’m going to drop off, paint, aerosols, garage junk in general at the hazardous waste place, then go to the Library. I haven’t been to the free book store in a while. <g> Then it’s back home to write a bit more and then to dinner.

Some of you have asked about my post yesterday regarding little know facts about me and I’ll post explanations Monday. Right now it’s back to FN. Happy and warm Saturday!


One Response to “Baby it’s cold outside”

  1. I’m cheap. I turned the heat WAY down. hahaha

    Have a great time at the library!

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