Tag you’re it

Fellow writer pal Michelle tagged me to post some random facts about myself so here it goes

1.                 I was involved in performing arts all through high school, I was a dance leader, appeared in a lot of plays, even

             learned how to be a stage hand and work the lights  and sound in the control both for several musicals

2.                 I was robbed at gun point when I worked as a teller

3.                 I was once escorted home by the FBI when I was in high school because there was a bomb threat against my

             family and we had to leave town for a week

4.                 I don’t get why people love Maui

5.                 Places to see before I die.. Egypt, Israel, and Turkey

6.                 I was born a toe head and swam so much during the summer I had green hair

7.                 I love raw carrots but the cooked ones can go…there’s a difference people.


2 Responses to “Tag you’re it”

  1. Pretty fascinating and unknown stuff about a pal I thought I knew pretty well for about the last 15 years!!!

    Tell me more about #2, #3, and #7 !!

  2. WOW! I didn’t know #1 or #3 🙂

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