Who Died?

I couldn’t stay away from blogging for long. Play the funeral march and hang your heads. The great state of Texas is in mourning. If you haven’t heard America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys lost to the NY Giants in the playoffs Sunday. And the way people are acting, you would think that someone of great importance had died. I just have to giggle at what is near and dear to the press and America in general. The Cowboys loss was in the headlines and all over the news. I was surprised that right after their defeat a moment of silence wasn’t declared by Austin but I’m sure the state flag, even the American flag will be flown at half mast all this month. You know what I think about all this nonsense? “It’s football people.”Fifteen minutes of the news should not be spent dwelling on the Cowboys almost victory. It’s just a game, a form of entertainment that America can’t get enough, but come on, let’s hold off on the black arm bands and move on…please.


2 Responses to “Who Died?”

  1. Don’t even get me started about that. They talk about the Cowboys ALL THE FREAKING TIME on the news but do you think they ever once mention how my precious Stars are doing? NO! Those bastards.


  2. I saw Terrell Owens get all emotional during the post-game dissection. Think he should run for President? Worked for Hillary in New Hampshire…


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