Start The Car!


So Saturday after a lupper with friends, that’s what I call eating sometime between the lunch and dinner hour, I asked L if she wanted to go to Garden Ridge with me. I wasn’t on the look out for anything, just wanted to poke around and window shop. She agreed so off we went. I must have found the furthest parking spot to the entrance known to man. Because when we got out of the car it seemed like we walked a mile to the entrance and on our way to my dismay, I spotted several spaces much closer.

 Oh well.

 On the way over L said they were having a sale.

I said, “Really?”

 Because there wasn’t a big orange banner which is usually draped across the building.

She said she was pretty sure they were indeed having a sale.

I said “Cool!”

After going inside, I decided to forgo the cart figuring I didn’t need to tempt my bank account. Of course I lost her after about 30 seconds because I wandered off. <g> I inspected everything from purses, to furniture, to patio stuff, and that was only a third of the store. Then I got to the lamp section and realized they must have gotten a new shipment because there were about three aisles of just of lamps. Now I don’t know why I went down the lamp aisle to begin with because I certainly didn’t need another lamp in the house. It was then I saw it, a lamp I couldn’t refuse and the price was certainly right $14.99. It was a little Adirondack chair with a blue and white striped lampshade, perfect for my beachy office room.  I knew I was meant to have it because they had only four left and all were broken or scuffed up except for one.

It was screaming “take me home” so I nabbed it. Now here’s the best part of this story. I walk up to the check out counter and there’s no line at all. Another sign from heaven I thought.  On top of that I couldn’t believe I was checking out of Garden Ridge with only one item!

So the girl rings it up and I don’t even look at the price as I pull my debit card out to pay. She called out the price and I asked her to repeat it again because I thought she said it was $30.00 and if it was that much I would just tell her what she could do with my little Adirondack chair lamp.


She said, “It’s three dollars.”

 “Three dollars?” I sounded like a foreigner who didn’t understand anything beyond hello and goodbye.

She nodded.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yep everything’s on sale and I collect whatever the cash register rings up.”

 I got so excited my hand shook as I swiped my card. When she gave me my receipt I took my lamp and quickly walked away telling L who was on the other side waiting for me to start the car. I think that was a record purchase for me at Garden Ridge. Not only was that the least amount of money I’ve ever spent in that store, but I must have made the Garden Ridge all time record for cheap-ass purchase ever. Now I can really relate to that IKEA commercial.



2 Responses to “Start The Car!”

  1. WOW!!! That would have been a great time to stash the lamp in the car and load up on Christmas, birthday, or whatever gifts for the rest of the year!!!

    What a find!! All it needs is a flamingo sitting in the chair with a drink in-hand!

  2. I LOVE IT!! 🙂 And this cracks me up. It just makes me think of the Ikea commercial. Did you shout, “WOO!” as you drove out of the parking lot? hahaha

    I love Garden Ridge!

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