Course Correction

Wow, the holidays are really over, and I mean over. I was so happy with myself for making good progress on FN that I got a false sense of security thinking I could keep up the pace after returning back to a full work schedule. It’s been tough. I’m not making excuses but I’ve realized I’m holding down two full time jobs. After thinking about what I can do about it, because frankly I need both, one provides a paycheck, the other sanity, I’m going to cut down the blogging to three times a week, once on the weekend and twice on weekdays. No daily email checks either. I’ll just look a couple of times a week. I’ve discovered I can’t write at night, I’m just too tired after work. I write best in the morning anyway. And the biggest cut back I can make is to stay away from the internet – -bad me. I’m bound and determined to finish this first draft this month!   


One Response to “Course Correction”

  1. OK, I’m going to miss the daily blogs though… (sniff, sniff)

    Do what you need to do to finish that first draft!

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