Books, Books, Books

One of my New Years resolutions is to read more this year. After all with the writer’s strike and a personal writing goal of finishing two manuscripts this year, I can definitely stay away from the lure of TV and being a couch potato. I thought how cool would it be if I read a book a week and maybe did a little synopsis about the book on my blog?

So Sunday I settled on to the couch in the late afternoon (after getting my word count in of course) and began reading a short contemporary romance which was only about 200 pages. I thought that would be a nice way to ease into a reading routine.  I read the first few pages and yawned. No problem it was written back in the 90’s , yes that’s how far back some of the books in by TBR pile go back, and writing has come along way since then. Today publishers want well paced stories, tight writing… Okay so I go on to page 10, yawn, page 20 yawn, yawn, and by page 35 I’m still totally not into the story, nor the characters. Way too much description about setting was thrown at me and dialogue exchange was mostly small talk. That was it, I stopped reading and put the book it in my give away pile.

So this week…no review. <g> There is a bright side to this though. I learned what not to do, and even though the author has probably come along way since then ( I know she’s multi published and doing well) I most likely won’t pick up another book from her, or I’ll wait until by TBR is slimmed down before I give her another try.

Note to self, lesson learned. Make sure writing is tight, interesting, and well paced. I’ll remember that during the editing process. It’s doesn’t matter what level you are as a writer, once something is published it better be good to entice readers to buy your product again. So to wash that bad taste out of my mouth I’m re-reading a Sherrilyn Kenyon book that I never got the chance to properly read the first time, and I’ll post a write up next week.


One Response to “Books, Books, Books”

  1. I never thought about it until you pointed out that these days “publishers want well-paced stories and tight writing.”

    That makes sense! The tone and pace of the stories HAVE to adjust to the current conditions surrounding the readers! (DL sees a lighbulb… Oh boy! Oh boy!!)

    This is my “lighbulb insight” —> Back in the 60’s and 70’s (before computers and all the rest of the “time-saving” and “labor-saving” devices we have these days) stories could be longer, more descriptive, and amble along. The writing style matched the tone of those decades. But now… the frenzied and fast pace of the new Millennium dicates that novels also adjust to the pace of the reader’s whirlwind schedule.

    Why is it that we now have so much more “stuff” to help us save time, organize our lives, and be able to work more efficiently but yet…. we now have even less personal time than ever before to devote to relaxation pursuits???

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