Last night I watched Cashmere Mafia. This is a show about four high powered women …a sex in the city but the woman all make more money than their husbands or boyfriends. While it was intriguing and paced well, the show kind of depressed me. Here’s why,1. The girl who can’t seem to get a decent date finds out she’s a lesbian or bi-sexual. Why can’t Hollywood portray someone who is single and happy to be that way? You would think in this day and age it would be okay to do that but for some reason Hollywood seems to think if you are without a partner in life there must be something wrong with you.2. Everyone carried their cell phone like it was a means of life support. There were very few scenes where the cell phone or texting did not make an appearance. Okay my beef with that…too realistic. <g>3. The people you thought might have a decent marriage are cheating on each other and it’s been that way for years. Again too realistic4. Everybody needs to look at their PDAs to see when they can meet for drinks or just get together so they have to squeeze in relationship time because of their jobs. Once again too realistic Don’t get me wrong the show is written and paced well. It’s probably going to well in the ratings just for that reason the writer’s know what they are doing with the storylines. Will I watch it again? Well probably not, just for the reason that it’s just too realistic of real life. I’m a girl who likes fiction, what can I say.


2 Responses to “Cashmere”

  1. Interesting 4-point blog that you wrote!

    I didn’t watch that show only because the previous show (“Desperate Housewives”) is also about 4 women friends with a multitude of problems.

    “Cashmere Mafia” sounds VERY much like that other show I got hooked on (“Big Shots”) but it’s about 4 high-powered MEN who cheat, text, cell phone, and also have to check their PDA’s to see what time to meet their other 3 friends in the country club steam room to disect and discuss their state of affairs for the week. (I don’t know what happened to “Big Shots”… it seemed to disappear off the schedule about the same time as the writer’s strike. Too bad… 😦 I’ve been left hanging wondering where the story was going to go after the illicit “afternoon delight” that one of the guys had with a transvestite when it was discovered by the media).

    Seems like *4* financially well-off, distressed, problematic people is the goal these days for the night-time soap operas.

  2. hehe I haven’t seen it yet – I DVR’d it. I wanted to watch it simply for Miranda Otto because I loved her in TWO TOWERS. 🙂

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