Last night a few friends came over and we gorged ourselves on Pei Wei while watching the presidential debates.  It’s not fun watching the debates by yourself but if you have a group of people in the room it gets comical and entertaining as you shout out differences and making wise cracks to the TV.  This blog is not political so I won’t get into my thoughts and opinions but I did think the debating was definitely four hours of free entertainment. Sometimes someone would have a good point but I enjoyed many of the candidates saying a whole lot of nothing, filling their responses with outlining the problems rather than resolutions. I think we all know what the problems are and darn it people you are interviewing for a job so be specific.

 If you watched the debates you’ll know the buzzword this election year is ‘Change’. Did you count how many times ‘Change’ was used by the candidates? Let’s just say a lot! Made me think of that Aretha Franklin song…Change, Change, Change. Hee.

So this morning I treated myself and slept in until 8am. After finally waking up I thought it was spring with the nice breeze blowing through my open windows. No sound of the heater. The birds were chirping. And the sun was shining through the skylights and flooding the room with happy light. I know sounds like a scene from a Disney movie…Snow White comes to mind. LOL

  Not this week but the next they are predicting snow and ice so I’m going to enjoy this wonderful weather while it lasts. Speaking of, I need to finish my word count for the day so I can go outside and play. Happy Sunday.


One Response to “Change”

  1. We also watched the debates (both sides). There was some shouting at the TV going on in this house too! 😉

    Some of our helpful comments were:

    “HEY dummie!!! Answer the question!!!”

    “What the hell are you thinking??!!!”

    “I like that guy! He’s really got some cojones on him!!!”


    “We’re doomed… Let’s move.”

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