The Vacuum

As I was perusing through my RWA monthly magazine this morning I came across a big named publisher that has opened its doors to accepting unsolicited manuscripts. This means they are open to trying new authors who do not have an agent. This is great news so I have to get busy. As you can see my status bar continues to rise and I’ve surpassed the 30 page mark which is a feat in itself. 

Now to less important news. I bought a mini vacuum yesterday which has been a godsend. I have such a hard time vacuuming the house because I have a Rainbow. It’s a great vacuum cleaner but a pain to use because you have to fill it with water, it’s big and bulky, and just not very practical for everyday use. So the dust bunnies pile up and when it’s time to clean house it’s a major chore. But no longer. Now I can do a little bit of vacuuming every so often to keep the house tidy, and maybe only have to pull out that monstrosity once a month now.  Oh don’t get me wrong. My house is clean but with hardwood floors and tile you can really see the dog hair and dust. Now it takes my five seconds of a little pick me up instead of 5 hours of intense house work.

And that leaves…more time to write!


One Response to “The Vacuum”

  1. I remember when you bought that Rainbow vacuum cleaner. You were showing it off like your brand new first born!! HAHA!!!

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