Friday Friday

Yippee I had an extra vacation day I didn’t know about so guess what? I’m home today. Yes. Pretty sad I worked in the office one day this week. But if you saw my work schedule you’ll understand why instead of saving this day to use later I took it now. No meetings and the email right now is light.

Yes I have tons of stuff to do but timing is everything.

I won’t be lounging though. I have writing that needs to be accomplished, groceries to buy, and laundry to do and of course continue the de-Christmas effort. The outside is packed away but inside–a different story. The tree is still up but the decorations need to be taken off and packed away which is always hard for me to do. I can never get them back in the box in the right way so the lid will close.

Let’s see yesterday’s progress report on writing…pretty dismal.  After waking up I usually read some email and a couple of writing blogs. They tend to put me in the mood to write. Why? I don’t know. Yesterday morning that didn’t happen, in fact I couldn’t sit still long enough to crank out even a sentence because well –this may be TMI so continue reading if you dare, I was busy making good friends with the bathroom. I don’t know what I ate, well maybe I do, but anyway let’s just say I was busy. By the time things worked themselves out it was time to get ready and go to work.

Oh my gosh one day in the office and I came home worn out…of course it could also have been from my morning exercise. LOL So I have serious word count make up today.

On a brighter note, I did finish writing what I think is a really good chapter the day before. It needs a lot of work but the two secondary characters of the story are revealing themselves to be part of the main conflict which I find exciting. I didn’t know their role was going to be so influential and they are people you love but want to kick because they make you bite your nails knowing what they are about but you can’t help enjoy their presence in the story.

 Now it’s off to visit a blank page and see what happens. Happy Friday.


2 Responses to “Friday Friday”

  1. Alright my friend…. I expect to see a SERIOUS word count increase after today!!! THAT is your challenge!!!

    2 secondary characters? They must have been brought into the storyline after the initial “teaser” episodes that you wrote in this blog…….?

  2. I see a change!!! Up to 13%!!!

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