Happy New Years

New Year’s ResolutionsIt’s that time of year where we humans make a personal mark to end one chapter of our lives and begin anew. We do that with New Years resolutions. I’ve found if I play this game it turns from a goal setting objective in to a mental shackle. I become stressed and depressed.  But if it’s just a thought, a spark of an idea of what I want and go in to it with a ‘well if it happens great if it doesn’t oh well’, I get things done and move forward. What can I say-I’m strange? What I would like, on a non world peace and everybody be happy and healthy level is to read more in 2008. My TBR pile is overflowing and I haven’t let myself enjoy a good read in a while. I’d also like to finish two manuscripts this year and get them sent out to the big world of New York to see if anyone will nibble.  From there out it’s all about the journey with no road map and the courage to travel off the beaten path every so often. That’s what it’s all about anyway isn’t it?


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