Pleasant Valley Sunday

So yesterday after fixing up my office and doing 5 loads of laundry, I fell asleep in the lazy boy. There I was with pup on lap and zonked out for about an hour. Puppy was zonked too and didn’t look so happy when I woke up. But when I did I felt so much better, a little groggy but I actually felt recharged. Went out to dinner at fave Italian place with friends and then made a girls shopping trip to World Market. I know like I need anything else, but I wasn’t going for me. I found something anyway, a sea blue and green wall hanging thing that serves no other purpose than to look pretty and I bought it. I’ll take a pic and post this week along with the new desk. <g>. Today I have a lot of my list. I have to cut up the box the desk came in so it can be recycled. I have to write 5 pages of said novel in progress. I have to clean up a computer that I’m giving someone so they can go job hunting and be in general in touch with people since they no longer have company computer. Have to run out and get dog food, do some more writing stuff. Oh boy list goes on. Then there’s homework, yes from work but it needs to get done. Oh well off I go. Happy Sunday.


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