Ho Hum

Ho ho hum. Another Christmas once again has come and gone. My parents came out to visit and we had a nice time. The weather was great except for Saturday when the wind blew so hard it almost blew my mom over when we ventured to the dollar store. Santa was good to me – -I’ve already used up the iTunes gift cards and spent Christmas cash. I’ll tell you what music I’ve downloaded in another blog. <g> I also treated myself. At the dollar store I purchased a little battery operated water fountain for $10-. It’s so cute complete with sand, a candle and a little bamboo fountain. This item lead to my next purchase. When I set it up I realized I was out of desk space in my office so it’s sitting up on the printer. LOL I decided it was time to upgrade my desk to something bigger and better, so I went online and purchased a Trestle desk. Its craftsman style in antique white with A frame legs that hold four shelves for all my reference books. I can’t wait for it to be delivered. This worked out good because the box weighs 80lbs and if I purchased it in the store I’d never be able to unload it. Hopefully there won’t be a lot of cursing as I put the thing together. I’m one of the few people working this week and the building is scary without a lot of people there. But it’s nice and quiet. I really didn’t get a chance to write much over the holidays but as you can see my meter has gone up, 10 percent done and 90 to go. Happy Friday.


One Response to “Ho Hum”

  1. I’m confused!! I thought everything at The Dollar Store was a dollar!!!

    Send the link to the website of your new desk. I want to see!

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