Just Do It

I’ve been more than a little behind on blogging. Well for good reason. Tis the season at work where I get to handle some of our high profile customer problems while trying to get my other work done. My cable has been acting up…I get a second visit from cable company today. House is still a mess and I’m trying to get it clean before parents get here. And oh yes I’ve been writing. Fantasy Nights is pretty well plotted and I think I can finish it by January, edited by February, and ready for solicitation by March. Speaking of things I need to get done, I think next on the list will be to finish Flamingo Heights a contemporary romance that’s actually the story prior to Fantasy Nights. I know I’m weird, I write backwards. Oh well. Fantasy Nights has been speaking to me and everything is falling into place. Believe it or not some of road blocks I have with plotting Flamingo Heights will most likely work themselves out with finishing book two. I’m not even going to try to explain my brain. It’s a scary place. But speaking of goals I’ve made some before and they usually don’t work out. Now when I don’t make goals I seem to get stuff done. So this year no New Years resolutions, just focus on mindset. Mindset motto: Just Do It. It works for that shoe company, it can work for me right?


One Response to “Just Do It”

  1. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been keeping yourself!! Glad to see a blog entry appear today!

    Didn’t know your parents were coming for Christmas until I just read it… 🙂 If I don’t email you before then, have a great visit with them as well as a blessed Christmas! We’re heading off to Colorado!


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