It feels alot like Christmas

Whew finally got the Christmas decorations up. Each year it’s the same story. I pull out all the outside hoo-hah decorations. I get tangled in the mess of net lights, huff and puff in my attempt to decorate the bushes, get pricked by the holly in the process – – then I get to the end and realize I plugged everything in wrong, because I’m left holding the plug end instead of the prong. I scratch my head and stare at the bushes knowing I’ll have to repeat the process but my pea brain just can’t figure out how to rearrange them to get it right. Then “slave and master” (an electrical term mind you) pops into my head and I get back to work flipping everything around – -prong then plug, prong then plug, and viola’ have success. I plug in the master cord then go take a look and wouldn’t you know it, half the lights don’t work. I go back into the garage find extra lights. Even though they aren’t the net lights, there were left over icicles lights from years back but they’re white and I stuff them in the bushes. Inside, up go the poinsettias everywhere. They go in all the potted plants, on top the armoire of the TV cabinet…just about everyplace in the living room. Ah Christmas is complete. Our writer’s group Christmas party was Saturday and it was great getting to see everyone. I enjoyed the spirits and food, and of course the Chinese gift exchange. I think this one will go down in our chapter’s history as probably the most memorable because the party was definitely over when the cops showed up. More about that on Tuesday. <g>


One Response to “It feels alot like Christmas”

  1. The funny part is that I can see you getting all agitated with the lights. Definitely sounds like a Sandy thing!!!

    Maybe some of the scenes, descriptions, or conversation involved with your wild Writer’s Group Christmas Party Police Raid could be used in “Fantasy Nights”!!!

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