Fantasy Nights IV

Sorry again for the delay…remember this is only a first draft. Hope you enjoy.

Jackson felt something go terribly wrong the moment he took Kristen’s hand in his. In particular, the part of his body that suddenly stirred to life at a very inconvenient time.



He hadn’t been lacking in action. On the contrary he’d probably had too much lately. 

It wasn’t from any other women in the bar.


He hadn’t taken his eyes of Kristen since she wiggled her eye catching ass on to the bar stool.

So that left. . . her.


She wasn’t dressed in a way to attract a man’s attention – -not in the librarian get up. There were creases across her blouse. She must have come straight from work, and perhaps had worn a jacket earlier.

But when he slipped in beside her she stiffened, showing off a sexy little arch in her back that pulled the silky fabric taut against her chest.

But his hard on hadn’t started there.

Although his pulse a picked up a notch or two.

Not even when her lush dusky pink lips had formed a perfect O in surprise of his arrival did his cock salute.  

Although it might have twitched.

Even when he caught a whiff of her faint, Jasmine and Musk perfume did his body show any interest.

No the trouble started when her soft hand slid into his and her dainty fingers touched his skin.  Reveille sounded and his body responded.

Funny, a job had never set him off before.

In an effort to camouflage something that was going to be awkwardly noticeable he put his foot on the bar stool. But his movement had only directed her gaze to the problem. In a feeble attempt to distract her again he rocked his foot from side to side and in the process found himself openly ogling the space between her legs.

The angel that had been steadfastly sitting on his shoulder was thrown off and kicked across the room because the devil was firmly perched and in control waving at him. In the next instant he went for the kill and brushed his leg up against hers.

The smoky darkness of the pub couldn’t hide the red heat that crept into her cheeks and it was all he needed to push the limits further. He just had to get a better view of her thighs and he parted her legs with his.

Her hand came down forcefully on his knee and pushed. “I don’t think so.”

Now that brought him back to reality but he stayed put.

She pushed again, this time with enough force to send him backward and he wobbled to keep from falling.

There was the cutest little pucker to her lips as she gave him a scathing look and tried to move off the bar stool – -her tight brown skirt giving her trouble as she wiggled forward.

Damn it was nice- -that was – – the view up close.

He hadno intention of letting her leave, or falling off the bar stool at the rate she was going, so he grabbed her elbow to keep her in place. “What’s got you worked up sugar?”

Her eyebrows drew together. “I don’t know what game you’re playing with me – -,”

One that would involve a bed or sofa. It made no never mind as long as she was on it and under him.

“ – -but I came here to fix a little problem that I have.”

Ready, willing, and definitely able to assist.

“I can see you’re just making fun of me.”

Wham. An unseen force slammed into his gut. Making fun of her? Was she blind? He was momentarily at a loss for words.

She nodded. “Have you had your fun for the evening because I wouldn’t want our meeting to be a waste of your time.”

He noticed Carter who’d been at the end of the bar come towards them as he filled a couple orders. He gave Jackson a disappointing look as he stabbed a pineapple slice on a stick.

“Darln’ I – -”

“Oh you can stop with the darln’ and sugar. Do women really get off on that?”

He’d never given much thought to the way he spoke. Not with his Savannah upbringing.

She yanked her arm away and moved to get off the bar stool. In the process she twisted and caught the heel of her leather pump on the rim and fell forward into his arms.

Jackson’s quick reaction had left them leaning into one another with his arm around securely around her waist. He didn’t mind one bit- – getting a feel of her lush curves that is. And his other hand – – seemed on be on a journey of its own grabbing a soft round bottom as he supported her.

He also didn’t mind that she was tightly pressed against him, but he did grow concerned when his hard on got worse feeling the swell of her breasts against his chest.

She tilted her head upwards and looked at him, surprise plastered all over her face.

Uh-oh. Did she just realize he was happy to see her?

“I’m sorry I can’t seem to even get off a bar stool.”

Well if she did she wasn’t letting on if she felt anything different.

“Darln’ you don’t see me complaining do you?”

She pursed her lips again while trying to upright herself and backed out of his hold.

That left his arms feeling strangely empty.

She glanced at the bar looking bewildered. “You didn’t happen to see where my phone went?”

He scratched his head before answering. “Ah sugar, you’re holding it.”

She looked at her hand clutching the ugly yellow phone and studied it as if was a foreign object.

Deciding now it was good timing while she was confused to get her to settle down and stay he asked, “Why don’t you sit a spell and Carter can get you some water?”

She shook her head, “I’m sorry I don’t think I can do this. I mean – -well I thought calling an escort service was going to fix my problem. . . I’m not very good at meeting strangers in bars.”

“Well you don’t seem the type who’d kiss and tell either.” That’s it Jackson turn on the charm, get her to settle down.

He was thankful Carter placed a tall glass of water down. “Maam’ thought you might like a sip of H2o.”

He let out a breath when she took the glass then took a couple of sips. Maybe they could get back to talking business? But the bar scene was making her uncomfortable. “I tell you what, there’s a great Italian restaurant around the corner. Why don’t we go grab a bite to eat?”

She grinned and shook her head, “That’s okay Jackson I need to go.”

Um… his name sounded mighty good when she said it.

“You really don’t have to do this. You’re right I’m not an escort customer, and besides I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.”

“Suit yourself but I’m hungry and I don’t think you’ve eaten. Are you really going to leave me to eating by myself — staring at everyone else who’s eating with someone?”

When she didn’t respond he urged, “If you come you can save me from looking like a loser.”

“Well I am hungry. . .”  

“Then let’s go and grab a bite?”

She rolled her eyes in a playful manner, “Sure. Why not.”


Once he got her to the quiet little restaurant he’d figure out how to turn things around and get her to hire him. He just needed to make sure to approach her the right way this time. He’d obviously had come on too strong in the bar but he hadn’t known anything about her either.

Sophia, the owner of Fantasy Nights escort service had called saying she needed a favor and to make sure Kristen Knight was taken care of. That was the extent of their conversation except that she also said to keep the price reasonable. It was strange call. Usually Sophia gave him a run down of a client’s job, personality, and so forth. So he’d come into this blind.

He figured knocking half off his normal fee was fair. But he wasn’t expecting to meet someone much different than he was used to… not so down to earth, not so self conscious. He couldn’t very well call Sophia tomorrow with news that he’d scared Kristen off. No, that wouldn’t do.

Sophia rarely called in favors and God knew he owed her a few. But he was damn curious about her motive, considering he left her employment and the escort business a long time ago.


One Response to “Fantasy Nights IV”

  1. This is your BEST chapter yet!!!

    No detail left to the imagination of the reader. For example: 1/ The detail of his Savannah upbringing that accounts for Jackson’s choice of endearments. 2/ His train of thought in analyzing exactly when and why his attraction to her had been sparked. 3/ The way that he charmed her into eating at the restaurant by making her more at ease with him with the “loser” comment after her initial non-response to his invitation.

    Love the twist about Sophia’s motive and what connection she has (or had) to Kristen at the end… 😉

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