You know what day it is


Not too much to report on the home front here other than I’ve been working on the next installment of Fantasy Nights – -another five pages to be precise. I have some edit ting to do so it will be posted tomorrow. I think Fridays are going to be its permanent time slot. <g> so stay tuned.

The yard guy is coming over today whoopee. My yard will look all purdy by the time I get back home and then I can start decorating the yard. The inside of my house still needs a little Christmas cheer as I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

I also need to make a trip to the city offices so I can get my hall pass to dump some paint and stuff off at the hazardous waste facility. The city requires that you bring in a copy of your water bill and in turn they give you a little card that you take with you to this large drive through warehouse. The nice thing about this place is they recycle everything they can and if they can’t it’s only then they safely dispose of it. If you need paint, house cleaners etc, you can go there and pick stuff up for free. I haven’t taken advantage of that because it’s a bit of a drive but those who live close by are in good shape.


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  1. I got a lot of my Christmas decorations up in the last 2 days. It occurred to me that since we aren’t even going to be here over Christmas (we’ll be in Colorado) that I probably shouldn’t be going to all that trouble!!! BUT… it just wouldn’t seem like Christmas here otherwise!! I went to the Dollar Store the other day and had a grand time buying a bunch of outdoor decorations for about 20 bucks! The gazebo fence in front now has some pine garland swaged across each of the 8-foot fence panels and in-between the fence posts. The garlands are all held together by a wreath on the front of each post. And then the grand finale: I found 4 different Christmas designs of some large decorated plastic bags (didn’t want paper gift bags in case it rained or the sprinkler system got them wet) decorated with wreaths, holly, and stockings on them. I weighted each bag down, stuffed the bags with paper and tied each with a wide, red ribbon. Now each fence post has it’s own wrapped gift on it! OUT with the Fall pumpkins that were on there and IN with the Santa Bags! One of the kids next door came over yesterday and was eyeing the gift bags & wanted to know what was inside. I told him that if he took off with one of my gift bags that he would be the proud owner of… a rock!! (The rock is what will keep the bags from being blown or knocked off the posts…) I also bought some silk poinsettas, cut them apart and decorated around the yard with them. Looks quite festive if I do say so myself… even with the green grass, blooming roses, and warm weather!

    NOW ON TO THE INSIDE —> I brought in the 2 small Christmas trees that we keep stored out in the Cottage. One is about 2 feet tall and the other about 3 feet tall. Both stay decorated with the ornaments and lights year-round. Took about 17 seconds to finish the inside!!! HAHA!! I put the smaller blue one in the living room and the other is in the bedroom. Today maybe I’ll go out to the Cottage in search of the big gingerbread house, some ornaments to hang from the fireplace mantel, and the Christmas music CD’s. And maybe… just maybe I’ll even find all 4 or 5 copies of that Mannheim Steamroller CD!!! FA LA LA LA LA!!!!

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