HHT on Friday


Welp…due to an early morning dental appointment yesterday HHT was delayed. My apologies. But I hope this weeks hunk was well worth the wait. And as an extra special treat here’s Fantasy Nights Part III. Enjoy.11706.jpg11706.jpg

“Jackson Steel sugar,” he offered his hand.

Okay so he also had a deep southern accent to match the piercing blue eyes staring back into hers. So what that she couldn’t remember how to breath? She swallowed and tentatively extended her hand in return.

His tapered fingers easily wrapped around her palm – – his grip firm as it was gentle.  A wave of excitement shot through her at his touch.Oh boy what was she doing here?

His gazed brazenly traveled up and down her body. But she had the distinct impression he wasn’t checking her out. No. He was sizing her up. Why? Was he deciding if she was escort worthy or not? Well she may not be playmate of the year but she sure as hell didn’t need to be belittled. She moved to pull her hand away but he held it.

Then slowly his eyes traveled back up to hers and he brought her hand to his lips where he placed a warm soft kiss on her skin. The thought of making a quick get away dissipated as she sat in the darkly lit Cat’s Paw pub with a bad- ass- sexy- as- sin prince charming next to her. Something else replaced the knot in her stomach and her pulse pounded.

“What can I get you?” He signaled the bar tender his gaze still on her.

She forced a smile and said the first thing that came to mind, “Sex on the Beach.”

He grinned and she nearly melted as two dimples made an appearance. “You heard the lady Carter- – Sex on the Beach.”

It took a moment to register the irony of their meeting and the name of her favorite drink and she felt the heat rise from her stomach to her cheeks.

The bar tender who’d only been a foot away winked at her. “Coming right up Jackson.”

Jackson reached over and picked up the business card. “Darlin’ you don’t seem the type to call an escort service.”

She stiffened. “What do you mean?”

His thumb rubbed the top of her hand in a slow circular motion. “Women who call Fantasy Nights are usually high powered attorneys or corporate execs.”

She wasn’t following precisely what he was getting at. “What makes you think I’m not one of those?”

He removed her glasses then examined them. They were her tortoise shell reading glasses. She had left in such a hurry from the store she’d forgot to take them off. She glanced at her brown skirt and she sighed. She’d been in such a hurry she’d also forgotten to change clothes. Damn. She was dressed like a spinster librarian. No wonder he looked amused. But what was he doing judging a potential customer anyway? She snatched her glasses back. “Sorry to disappoint. I can see this was a bad idea.”

She moved to get off the chair when he caught her arm.“My apologies sugar. I meant no disrespect. Just and observation.”

Her movement and his quick reflexes left little room between them and she noticed his leg was now between her parted thighs, resting against the stool. Behind her she heard the scraping of the bar stool being pulled back and a body plop into it. The only way she’d be able to leave now would be to slide over his knee. She resigned herself to being trapped for the time being. Plus she was here on a mission to get a date for next Saturday and she supposed playing defense wouldn’t get her far.“Well you still haven’t told me why you don’t think I’m a lawyer or something.”

“Easy darlin’,  there ain’t an ounce of predator in you.”Her confused look must have been comical because his smile widened. “The Suits I generally work with are carnivorous by nature. I suppose they have to be. You on the other hand – – I’d reckon you’d give your only coat to a homeless man because his has holes in it.”

It was hard to tell if that was a compliment. He made her sound like she was the female version of Richard Simmons. She reached to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and realized her hair was still pulled back. Oh yeah, she looked like she really blended in with the place. “That’s not true.” And it wasn’t. She’d not only give the guy her coat she’d help him find a shelter. Was she really that obvious?

Carter had come back, placed a napkin down then set down a tall glass complete with an orange slice and cherry on top of it. “One Sex on the Beach,” he said and stared at both of them. He left only after Jackson threw a dollar bill on the counter along with a get-out-of here look.

“Thank you,” she mumbled then took a long sip of the fruity sugar laden concoction.

Jackson’s leg hadn’t moved and if the man were to come any closer he’d be in her lap. His invasion of her space was unnerving to say the least.

“So Miss Knight how is it that a fine woman like yourself ends up making a call to Fantasy Nights?”

She took a deep breath before responding. She’d practiced over and over what she was going to – – that she simply needed an escort for a couple’s party. No elaboration that a mutual friend of hers and Todd’s was holding an anniversary  party, and that Todd would be there with his new bottomless bank account, and she would be pitied by her friends, and smirked at by her ex if she  showed up alone.

How pathetic was that?

“I need an escort for a party. It’s a couples only and I don’t really want to look like the odd ball.” There, she said it and without mucking it up.

“What’s so important about this party?”

She tensed. She hadn’t expected him to ask questions, maybe a when, where, how long, but not the details of why. “It just is.”

His looked turned skeptical before his sea blue eyes traveled down to gaze at her mouth. It made her lip quiver. “Darlin’ something about this party has you worked up like a stuck pig.”

Even though she wasn’t certain about his meaning she supposed she got the jest of it and mentally kicked herself for being so obvious.  She took another sip of her drink before responding, “My ex husband will be there – – I’d just feel better if I brought a date.”

“I see. How long to you expect to be at this party?”

“It’s a sit down dinner – – three hours maybe?”

“And when do you need my services?”

“Next Saturday.”

He nodded. “I can probably cut you deal. One thousand dollars and I’m yours.”

Her jaw dropped as a high squealed “what” came out of her mouth.

He shrugged his shoulders and gave her sheepish grin. “I’m giving you half off the price sugar.”

“But that’s still a lot of money.” She took another long sip of her drink, the alcohol was starting to work its magic on her tense muscles. “And that’s a deal?”

“I usually make five hundred an hour so yes I’d say it’s a good deal.”

She sucked down the last of her drink making a slight slurping noise in the process, then set the glass back down on the bar with a clank. Carter must have added an extra shot of Vodka because her mind was becoming a bit jumbled. The warm tingly feeling washing over her didn’t help her train of thought either. She tried telling herself it was just a light buzz.“You must make a lot of money doing what you do.”

“I’d say my comforts in life have been met.”

“You wouldn’t happen to know where I can get a blue light special?”

His grin turned into a full blown smile and his broad chest rumbled from his laugh.  “Sugar this is as blue as it gets. I’m even taking off a thousand for expenses.”

“What expenses?” Good heavens male escorts were expensive. A woman would need to be pretty desperate to shell out that type of cash and she wasn’t that desperate- -at least yet.

“This is our first meeting. We’ll need to meet again so we can go over how we met – – how long we’ve been dating – – you know – – stuff people will be asking us.”

“So we’re not doing that now?”

He shook his head. “This meeting is for me to decide if I want to take the job.”

She knew it and yanked her hand out of his and grabbed her phone and purse. “Well it was nice to meet you Jackson Steel.”

He raised an eyebrow.

It was the only movement he made.

There was no way to get out of her seat without sliding over his knee. She couldn’t very well lift her leg and if she scooted back she’d fall off the stool.

 “Darln’ what has you in such a hurry to leave? We just started?”

“I know your type Mr. You made your mind up when you saw me. You had no intention of escorting me. So if you’ll excuse me,” she waved her hand signaling him to back up, but he either didn’t comprehend, or choose to ignore her. After a long awkward moment of silence he looked down at his knee. A lock of his hair fell over one eye as he began rocking his foot back and forth on railing of her bar stool.

He looked deep in thought and bit his lip.

Kristen sucked in a deep breath as his leg brushed against hers then pressed against her flesh, parting her legs wider. “Miss Knight, I do believe you are under the wrong impression.”  


One Response to “HHT on Friday”

  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh, Sandy!!!

    You MUST consider turning this into a full-blown novel!!! I’m totally into it!!!

    I’m looking just as forward to each week’s new chapter as I do of my not-to-be-missed Friday lunch at the Peachtree Restaurant downtown!!

    Great dialog, descriptions, and a truly intriguing storyline!!! Hell, right now I’m looking under couch cushions and in car glove compartments trying to scrape up the $1000 to hire this stud myself!


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