Why Why Why

I made a bad choice last night and paid the price for it. After watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars I celebrated Heilo’s and Julianne’s well deserved win by enjoying a piece of baklava. Well I thought I had to celebrate somehow, I was really frightened Marie had a decent chance at taking that mirror ball trophy home with her fan base…shake and shiver. Anyway I realized after about 30 minutes or so what a bad idea it was having a cup of sugar (that’s basically what baklava is just tastier) right before bed time. My eyes didn’t want to close until about 2:30 and that was after I spent around $20 on iTunes songs, upgraded my iTunes browser, installed some Windows updates on my computer and listened to all 20 songs I purchased. Oh by the way the new Celine Dion cd Taking Chances is really good, very chick oriented. I got on a Tom Jones and Dusty Springfield kick and added Son of a Preacher Man and Delilah and then I found the song I’ve been searching for for weeks but never knew the name…..drum roll…Elvis Presley’s A Little Less Conversation. Now I had to listen to that about ten times in a row. About 1am the dog had gone under the comforter trying to get some shut eye but I was still going strong, dancing , groovn’ and downloading. Right now this 40 year old feels like she has the worst hangover, has to go to work, and is wondering how in the heck is she going to stay awake? Ah geez…it sucks getting old. I better go finish off that Baklava.


One Response to “Why Why Why”

  1. Hysterical blog!!! I can identify… I celebrated the dancing Stars victory with eggnog (a distant cousin of Pure Sugar Baklava)!!

    You’re whining about being 40? Get a grip… It gets worse!!



    PS/ I’m off in search of all my well-hidden Christmas CD’s out in the Guest House, particularly the Mannheim Steamroller one. Every year I look for it, get pissed when I can’t find it, go buy another one, and then find it again (usually after New Years). I think there are 4 or 5 of the same one out there… somewhere!

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