Fantasy Night Part II


Kristen fidgeted with her little yellow cell phone, placing it right, then the left. She hated the damn thing. Todd her ex-husband had given it to her as a gift shortly after they were married. She had thought it was ugly back then too, more like a compact banana. It wasn’t even a hip color of yellow either, more sun faded with lime green tint. But his thoughtfulness had touched her, that was until she’d found out it was a bonus gift after he signed up for an expensive cellular plan using her credit. He on the other hand had purchased a sleek navy blue slim line model for himself.

She shook her head.

 What had she ever seen in Todd anyway? After dating for almost a year he’d asked her to marry him. All the signs that she should have said no had been. Too bad she hadn’t forced herself to see them. Todd Baxter was a charmer having the gift to con an Eskimo into buying ice and he had somehow managed to charm his way into her heart. But he had been more interested in her bank account than their marriage when he drained it dry he not only left her in debt, he left period. After coming close to filing for bankruptcy, she saw Todd for who he was, a human leach with a bad gambling problem who used his looks to latch on from one woman to the next . . . for his meal ticket.

What a damn fool she’d been.

Over the past year she had thrown herself into her business Packed; a pack n’ ship store which also doubled as an e-Bay drop off location. She had worked long hours getting accounts from the retail stores in the area and had talked them into selling their products online. As a result their businesses had grown and so had her finances – – enough that she had managed to recoup from Todd’s trail of disaster. So what was she doing in bar in the seediest part of St. Sebastian? To make Todd fucking Baxter pay for everything he’d put her through and then some.

She looked at the business card she had earlier placed by her ugly banana phone. I can make your dreams come true… Fantasy Nights escort service.

A shadow past over the white card with red lettering. “You must be Kristen Knight.”

She caught her breath.  A man in a long white sleeve shirt leaned against the bar next to her. The dim light made it hard to see his face but what she could make out made her eyes widen. Shoulder length wavy hair fell just above his broad shoulders and day or so’s stubble shadowed his full lips and strong jawline. His eyes fixed on her with curious stare making her wonder if she had called the devil instead of an escort service.   

Her stomach tightened and then she nodded finding speech a little difficult at the moment.

“Jackson Steel sugar,” he offered his hand.


2 Responses to “Fantasy Night Part II”

  1. Sandy –

    I AM TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY WITH YOUR WRITING (AND THIS STORY)!!! Such attention to detail (the banana phone, the ex, their background, the description of “Packed”) !!!

    Please consider turning this story into a novel!! I would buy it in a heartbeat!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!


  2. LOL I love the banana phone!

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