A Trip To Bountiful


One of the best spur of the moment trips I’ve ever taken was right here in Texas. My BFF Lore and I headed out to Ennis in April one year to see the famous Texas wildflowers. It was truly spectacular. I remember turning of the highway and finding the little chamber of commerce office located in an old train station. We picked up our driving map and off we went. Thirty five miles of the loveliest bluebonnet covered terrain I had ever seen. Years ago I had watched the movie A Trip to Bountiful which I later found out was filmed in Waxahachie not far from Ennis. I remember one of the characters running through this field of bluebonnets and thought to myself, I need to see that place. Little did I know it was in my own backyard. What I remember the most was pulling over to the side of this country road where all we could see was blue rolling hills and as I stepped out of the car the pungent but sweet smelling odor of bluebonnet assailed my nostrils. It made my eyes water a bit it was so strong. That’s when it hit me how many wildflowers there were. And the best part was seeing the long horn steers just walking through them. It was so picturesque, and quiet. I felt like I was back in Texas a hundred years ago. When I moved to Texas some time ago I never thought about it much. I moved for a job but the longer I live here, the more I respect and appreciate all the beauty this great state has to offer. Texas has many different faces and April in Ennis is right up there with the prettiest.


2 Responses to “A Trip To Bountiful”

  1. Is this the same trip several years ago that Janis (and maybe Cherie too…?) went on with you too?

  2. Look at you!!! 🙂 I’m going to read your story now. WOOHOO!

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