I Shouldn’t Have Left The House

Have you ever had one of those days that you knew it wasn’t wise to leave the house but did so anyway. I’m waiving my hand, yup right here. I decided I wanted wicker baskets for my shelving unit in my bedroom. It’s a six foot tall dark walnut stained unit and wicker baskets would look great in the cubby holes. So I went to one of my favorite shopping haunts, Garden Ridge only to find no basket in sight. Well there were a few baskets but I wasn’t looking for red, green or anything with ho-ho-ho on it. What a bummer that I left empty handed. It was on to Le Target where I had to pick up some brown sugar missed item when I last went shopping. I thought I’d see what they had in the wicker basket department so got my brown sugar then made a brief stop at the pharmacy isle to pick up a little medicine for my feet. Ahem…I get a little something every fall when I switch from sandals to closed shoes. I know embarrassing but hey it’s life right? I made sure to get the kind that said stops itching quickly. Off to wicker basket aisle and they too were slim on wicker baskets. I was getting frustrated and huffed in my frustration coming up empty handed as a little old woman came down the aisle in a scooter. Mind you if I wasn’t looking for them they’d be all over the place and in my face. I guess it was timing or the look on my face but she thought I had directed my huff, I think there was a snort in there too, at her and scooter and she loudly said “Well I’m sorry but I have to get by.” Yeah I was sorry too I couldn’t win. So it was on the check out counter. Maybe my luck had turned because the express counter was almost free. The girl was just finishing up swiping the last item from a shopper. I paused to get some batteries, I remembered I needed those too at the last minute. I quickly came back and the checker girl was gone but her light was on. I pulled up anyway and unloaded the three items. Damn it her light was on and that meant she had to come back. Then I spotted her over by the Starbucks counter and decided to yell…”hey are you open?” There was a line of people behind me so that why I got courageous. She came over and huffed. “Yes I’m open but I had to put a shopping cart away.” Likely excuse. She scanned my items, pausing at one of them. Then I paid and left. Jeez I couldn’t wait to get home knowing the universe was telling me that I should have stayed home to begin with and not spend money. Okay, okay so I didn’t listen.When I got home I put the brown sugar and batteries away then took out my foot ointment figuring my venture wasn’t in vain and at least I’d get some relief for my foot. I started to open the package but decided to read the directions first, you never know and I really didn’t want to do anything stupid like put the medication on wrong. With my luck lately my toe might fall off. That’s when I noticed a lot of words about itching. In fact it was all over the back. I flipped to the front and that’s when I saw  a picture of a Baseball player and next to him in bright orange letters, Stops Jock Itch Fast.I guess that would explain the puzzled look on the cashiers face when I checked out.


One Response to “I Shouldn’t Have Left The House”

  1. You truly DID have a day that went from bad to worse!

    Maybe the prescription for the new reading glasses should have been stronger… HAHAHA!!!

    Those baskets you’re looking for….?? You can find them at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and The Container Store. If you go to Wal-Mart, they will either be over there where all the silk flowers are -or- in the crafts department. However; with the current hoards of Christmas stuff overcrowding all the regular merchandise, that is, of course, subject to change. At this point they very well could be in the grocery section next to the brown sugar, or near the register where the batteries are, or even right there with the Tootsies & Testicles Itch Cream.


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