Eye See You

I had fun with yesterday’s blog so I think I’ll keep at it. I worked on part two this morning and had a lot of fun writing. But now it’s off to work and I don’t want to go…hee. Yesterday after work I went to the eye doctor for yearly check up. I thought he would say my eyesight has gotten worse but it only got slightly worse. I then when to buy some new glasses, the computer ones, so I only needed to purchase one pair. All low and behold they were having a 50% off sale so my grand total ended up being only $110-. I don’t think I’ve ever bought glasses that cheap before. Score! They’ll be in Monday too. And that’s about it.


One Response to “Eye See You”

  1. You can save yourself another 90 bucks or so if you go to Walgreen’s and prescribe the “cheater glasses” to yourself! I have 6 or 8 of them in all different shapes and colors… If I break them, so what? 9.99 up to $20.00 will buy me a new pair!

    Definitely continue the steamy novelette! GREAT START!

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