Fantasy Nights


Jackson focused his attention on the woman who’d entered the bar. She reminded him of a librarian with her hair neatly piled up on her head, wearing a cream silk blouse tucked into and straight brown skirt. But there was something else to her, something she was hiding. Perhaps the giveaway was the thick dark rimmed glasses that slanted slightly to one side of her elegant princess nose, or maybe it was the soft fabric of her blouse that did little to conceal a chest that any hot blooded male would love to get his hands on.  She hesitated and looked tentatively around before taking a seat at the bar. As she settled herself on the stool, Jackson decided he liked the view from where he was standing… of a perfectly shaped bottom that was. Then she fidgeted with her purse opening and closing it several times before pulling out a bright yellow cell phone and placed it on the counter. Jackson almost choked. So this was Kristen Summers? What in the hell would someone like her be doing calling Fantasy Nights escort services? He took a swig of his Jack D and Coke letting the alcohol burn his throat as he swallowed then headed towards the bar.


One Response to “Fantasy Nights”

  1. Your blog really got my attention!! Perfectly described characters with a surprise twist about the escort service at the end!!

    Are you going to continue the story in installments??? PLEASE!!!


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