Just browsing…

I scored at the book store this weekend. First I went looking online. As a writer you can’t have too many reference books. I have a ton and since I recently de-cluttered and gave some away I now have some open space on my bookshelf that’s screaming to get filled. The problem was I didn’t want to wait for the order to arrive so I went down to the used book store to see if they had them. Well as it turned out they didn’t but I found some great coffee table books on New Mexico and Florida. And they were only $5 a piece on the discount shelf. I also found a hard to find Yanni CD called Tribute that I only had on cassette. Now I can get the music on my iPod. I found a wonderful World Music CD too. Yes I know I came out with something totally different then what I went there for but hey, I had fun. Oh I also got a Florida fun facts book that I can’t wait to read. Anyway couldn’t find original said books anywhere so when I got home ordered them on line. But wait if I ordered a third I’d get free shipping. So I pursued the virtual bookshelf for another hour and found another book. Yes typical OCD Sunday for me. Yesterday while parking in the garage at work I looked at the gas gauge and apparently that picture I posted yesterday isn’t so true. The gas pump hose is on the right but I know my gas tank is on the left. Um. Well I’m signing off for now to get some writing done. I made a commitment to myself to produce 1,000 words a day. I think I’ve broken through a little stumbling block in my story and now I’m going to just write. Happy Tuesday. 


One Response to “Just browsing…”

  1. I understand your addiction to book stores… That’s the reason I have to make a wide circle around them myself (particularly Half Price Books and Barnes and Noble). I could probably spend all day in B&N just looking through all the magazines! Amazon.com has also been known to entice me to order extra books with that free shipping marketing strategy. Sounds like you got some great stuff though!

    1000 words a day? How many pages is that?

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