Sinus Trouble

Yuck. I think I have a case of the sinus crud that’s going around. When I woke up this morning my back hurt and my head was stuffy then as I became more conscious I felt the scratchy throat. So I will leave you with this bit of maybe not so useless trivia this morning as I go cough and wheeze and get ready for work. 

Supposedly you can tell by your gas thingy which side your gas tank is on by looking at the little gas station icon. If the hose is to the left that means your gas tank is on the driver’s side and visa versa for the other side.



One Response to “Sinus Trouble”

  1. Mine and the dh’s vehicles (both Dodges) has a little arrow that points to the gas tank I suppose it could be the nozzle and I never paid much attention–but I looked Amie car when we went to Baton Rouge and sure enough her’s has and indicated it

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