Cassidy’s Crush

Here’s a snipet of what I’m working on. Trust me I will finish this book!

Crush Cathagarius is trying to make the best of his exiled existance. Stripped of being a Draconian warrior he’s now forced to live on the blue planet called Earth, and life as he knows it has changed forever. Of course things could have been worse. After being found guilty for treason against the United Federation of Planets, he was at least was given an alternative to cryogenic imprisonment. But living the rest of his life in Bluff Point New Mexico may not have been the right choice. With no missions to go on, and his friends and family on Draconia, he has a nasty case of boredom. And getting along with the town’s people hasn’t been easy either, especially if you’re an ex-warrior who needs and attitude adjustment, and nothing to do. Cassidy Kincad is a school teacher at the Indian Charter School. She’s been trying to raise enough money to send her class to space camp over the summer. But even with all the fund raisers she’s had she’s still a long way off from reaching her goal. With summer fast approaching it looks like the kids will have to wait another year unless she can get the wealthiest man in all New Mexico to contribute. The problem is he keeps to himself and is rarely seen around town. So why not pay the guy a visit? But when she comes face to face with the six foot six muscle machine that looks none to happy that his privacy has been interrupted she has to wonder if a thousand bake sales might be better.


2 Responses to “Cassidy’s Crush”


    You stopped the story just when I wanted to see what would happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    How is the writing goal going????

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