Ho-hum Sunday

Yesterday I didn’t accomplish a thing. Maybe it was because I felt like I was coming down with a cold. So I vegetated all day. I hate that. It feels like a waste of time especially just after returning from vacation.  I took some TheraFlu and this morning I seem to be feeling better. What irks me is that I should be writing and haven’t written a thing. My mind is an absolute blank. So today I’m going to sit at the computer until I get pages written. I kind of know what the problem is. I’m stuck in my story with no place to go. Once I break through that I’ll be fine and today is the day where I’ll break through or else I’m going to throw the computer out the window.  A friend of mine came over yesterday. I told him on Friday that I was getting rid of the two white reindeer I have in the garage and they needed a new home. He loves decorating for Christmas and because his neighbor has already started, and he’s a little competitive in that arena, he’s going to be decorating next week. He goes all out. So when we talked about this I thought about the reindeer and offered them to him. They are a pain to put up and besides I had them by a little tree in the front yard which is no longer there. I had it cut down because it was three quarters of the way dead. So he came over and we visited. I ended up giving him about ten candy canes that went with the reindeer scene so he made a haul. LOL Okay enough blogging, I’m going back into my writing hole. Happy Sunday and don’t forget to watch Extreme Home Makeover tonight for my friend Christine.


2 Responses to “Ho-hum Sunday”

  1. Your story is boxed into a corner?

    Introduce a new character.

  2. How is your goal of writing 4 hours a day going?

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