Yawn Fall TV

Each morning when I get up, I feed the little doggie, then make coffee for myself, then settle down to the computer. I look at my email then go on the internet…yawn, sip coffee, yawn, sip coffee and slowly wake up. This morning on my MSN homepage was an interesting article about the Fall TV shows and they were posing a question (rather a little early mind you) what TV shows should be cancelled.  So I read the article and no surprises, Carpoolers and Cavemen were at the top of the list and Viva Laughlin has already bitten the dust after one episode. I saw Viva Laughlin on my flight to Florida and I just couldn’t get the singing mobster thing. Even hunky Hugh Jackman wasn’t enough to save that puppy, although he looked great in his grey suit with that one sexy eyebrow arched all the way through the show. Oh and that smile…okay I digress, back to sucky TV shows. So there’s a message board too where people have commented on what shows need to go. Unanimous Cavemen, thanks for playing now drive through and don’t come back, and Carpoolers seem to be a dud too though I haven’t watched it. No I did watch Cavemen either but why bother? That was so wrong to begin with.  People seem to still love the CSI shows and Criminal Minds and many folks are wondering what happened to Lost and Medium. Hey if you were paying attention and watching your Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, all important news media (grin) you would know they are coming on in February so they can run all their episodes back to back so we don’t get pissed off again. One show that I’m on the cusp with is Moonlight. It has some interesting characters but not well developed enough. Hint for writers and production crew, Mick is not flawed enough. He’s just a nice guy who married the wrong girl and now has to pay the price for eternity. Have the guy get mad and make some bad choices for heaven’s sake. Josef, head vampire dude your secondary character is carrying the show. Not a good thing. For me, here’s what does work on TV. Ugly Betty and Lost. Why? Because all the characters are three dimensional. Take Wihelmina, Marc, and Amanda three main antagonists in the show, you hate them and love them because in one moment they’re stirring up trouble and in another, out of the blue they do something nice for someone. In Lost the character of Sawyer is tortured and flawed and I’ll never forget in season one where he’s reading a note that he wrote to his father which explains some of why he’s they way he is. That episode hooked me on the show. I really felt for him and I wanted to see him redeem himself.I must say the Fall line up had lots of promise but sadly did not deliver. And now I here there is a possible writers strike around the corner. While I feel for the writers, Hollywood is a tough place to make a living, I can’t really say that with re-runs we’ll be missing much. Ah but what you don’t want to miss this Sunday is Extreme Home Makeover. My friend and former co-worker who left the company after 15 years to start her own stain glass business will be featured and cutie David Beckham will be on. You can’t go wrong and Christine congrats on your fifteen minutes of fame!


One Response to “Yawn Fall TV”

  1. Got a big kick out of your current TV Reviews and Postmortems. I too have never seen “Cavemen” but I had read so many reviews that said it was a dog BEFORE the show even started (!!) I thought: Why bother?!

    There’s one new show that I’ve gotten hooked on this season – “Big Shots.” It’s a male version of Desperate Housewives with 4 different CEO’s juggling family, marriages, and mistresses all against a backdrop of the insane amount of money each makes. For me the show has just the right mix of smut and class… 😉 Even if the show didn’t have any content at all to it, I could still watch transfixed as Dylan McDermott ate a sandwich for at least the rest of the episodes this season. HAHA!! What a hunkeroo!

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