Not For The Squeamish

A friend of mine at work really goes all out for Halloween. This year she, her husband and daughter did something along the lines of Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets the mad doctor. Her husband was the grim-grim reaper and I think pretty scary looking. Her daughter was the mad doctor and my friend was the unfortunate patient. Yikes what a great job they did. It looked like a movie set. She decided since it was so gory to put a PG-13 sign in the front yard and hubby made sure to head off parents with wee little tikes at the pass. Of course the neighborhood knew with all the decorations being put up for days that something was going to happen during Halloween night and from what I hear they were counting the minutes until the shop of horrors opened. So without further adieu, here’s the pics. Remember not for the squeamish.







One Response to “Not For The Squeamish”

  1. I’m truly in awe!!! Your friend is quite talented in a spooky, eerie kind of way!!! Reminds me of that movie “FX” with Bryan Brown. Did you ever see that one? His job is a special effects designer for horror movies.

    How did she do that laying on the operating table trick without having her legs show under the table?????!!!!!! TELL ME!!!!

    If I still lived in the DFW area I would have loved to come by and see it all in person!

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