Where Is…

zakar2.jpg..Sandy? Oh I’m around just not here. LOL I’m out of state somewhere in Florida. (Since I’ve written this I’m back now). So sorry to be off-blog for the past few days. Why is it that even though you’re entitled to vacation as a work benefit, you have to work extra hours to get ready for vacation. Then when you come back, you have to work extra hours to get caught up? Not that you ever get caught up but you know, you work extra hard to get back to where you were before you left, which was working extra hard to get ready to leave. Does that make sense? Anyway the lack of blog posts was due to an overwhelming need of my time at work. I was working from about 7am-7pm everyday for the past week. Yuck. Plane ride was uneventful to the sunshine state which is not very sunny at the moment but the humidity is low and the ocean breezes are just lovely. No complaints here. Actually got to spend most of the day reading a delightful book by a wonderful author named Sandy Blair. Her characters are so cute and I enjoyed burying myself in an entertaining read. I hope to work out some plot details on my own work in progress (WIP) in preparation for doing a writing challenge in November called NaNoWriMo. It’s National Novel Writing Month and authors from all around the globe sign up to commit to completing 50K words in 30 days, or in laymen’s terms write the first draft of their story.  I’ve signed up with a few writer friends so there’s no backing down now, and since I’ll be accountable and don’t want to look like a loser, I guess I better live up to my promise. Wish me luck that my muse will be kind to me. 


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