Monday This N’ That

This morning I woke to the sound of a howling wind and something I haven’t felt in months, cool air. It seems that finally a decent cold front has come knocking on our doorstep and besides my sinus’s going crazy it feels great. A little bit of rain is hitting the roof as well. They said it’s only supposed to get up into the 60’s today so that means I get to wear a long sleeve shirt, something I haven’t done in a while either. Yesterday I got my hair cut and colored. I always feel more human after that. Today should be a relatively calm day at work compare to all the goings on last week and I have high hopes of getting some stuff accomplished before I head out for vacation. Yes I had to reschedule but that was no problem. Other than that it’s been an uneventful couples of days so not too much news to report.


2 Responses to “Monday This N’ That”

  1. We also have about the same weather down here in the Hill Country that you do. Pleasant change! When I got back from the YMCA a little while ago I noticed that a 25-foot long limb had been broken and fallen off a tree in the backyard. (We’re also having gusts up to 50 mph!) It had just missed the roof and electrical lines so I guess that’s one thing to be thankful for! Hope that’s the end of Mother Nature’s impromptu landscaping for today!

    When did you re-schedule your VC for?



  2. Love this weather! And got my hair cut and colored last night and it does make you feel so much better.

    Thanks for sharing your pumpkin pics. I posted them on my blog.

    Happy Halloween!

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