The Graphic Novel

I was having a hard time coming up with what to blog about this morning. I really didn’t feel like talking about myself so I pursued the internet hoping to get ideas. I wasn’t on there very long before getting what I needed. I had come to Christine Feehan’s website. She’s a NYC Times bestselling author, best known for her paranormal Dark Series. There, on her homepage was this.


  One of her books has been turned into a Graphic Novel! Let me tell you Graphic Novels are here to stay and are definitely encroaching on the traditional comic book market place. Marvel Comics move over. Magna has officially arrived. Magna is the Japanese word for Comic and in Japan is all the rage. Everyone reads Magna from kids to adults. And these comics have nothing to do with Spidey or Superman. No these are books with a begging’s, middles, and ends. Book stores today are well stocked with these and even on one of my TV shows one of the protagonist is a Graphic Novel artist. So what’s so appealing about a Graphic Novel? Well for one thing because it’s a picture book you can read one in about an hour or so. It’s quick entertainment that can be fit into a busy schedule. The pictures themselves are works of art. The anime characters are pretty cool looking. They’re relatively cheap costing about $10.00 a piece. And if you go to a half priced booked store they’re even cheaper. Does that say society is now so busy that we don’t have time to read novels? Probably not, but the Graphic Novel does have an edge over 300-400 pages of the written word by providing quick entertainment. So I think I may have to buy one of these and see what all the hub-bub is about. Stay tuned.


One Response to “The Graphic Novel”

  1. Sandy –

    That was quite the interesting blog that you wrote today! When I was in Japan about 7 years ago, I noticed that they had LOTS and LOTS of fantasy-type pictures all over… on buildings, TV, clothing, on purses, in newspapers & they all had that surreal look to them like just the picture in your blog! NOW I understand why there was the fascination with that… THANKS for the education I got from you today, Teacher! 🙂


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