Can You Say Friday?

What a long week this was for me. I felt like I was living an episode of the twilight zone where time had stopped and just kept repeating itself. Yuck. I cancelled not one but two dentist appointments this week, the first one, then the rescheduled one. Oh well. It was more important for me to be at work. Speaking of which had some productive meetings which even though they gave me more work to do, should help out in the long run for my sanity. Since the nights are getting cooler I’m relishing in the fact that the AC isn’t on all the time and I can open the windows. I really don’t like to give the electric company more money than necessary and having the windows open airs out the house and takes the edge off of summer’s stuffiness. As you can see by my progress bar I did not make my goal and finish my manuscript as I had hoped by the end of September. This is an on going learning experience for me and it’s clear I’ll need to make some adjustments to find ways to juggle a job that pays but requires a lot of my time and a job that doesn’t pay, has no deadline, but I really want to do. I did realize during this process I’m a morning writer. I tried several times to write after getting home from work and it didn’t work out. Not to say that it can’t but I’ll need to train myself how to push through the pain to get some pages done at night. This weekend I’ll be writing and getting ready for my trip and in a few days on VC. Yeah!


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