Sven holds two jobs…


By day he’s a message therapist but at night he works at the local fire station. Sven’s business card says “Let me touch you in all the right places” and generates lots of calls but no one is leaving a message. I wonder if he needs to change his answering machine: “I can’t come to the phone right now. My hands are busy holding my big hose.” 


3 Responses to “Sven holds two jobs…”

  1. “Sven, SVEN!!! Hurry!!! My garbage can is on fire!!!! You don’t do garbage cans? My car!!! I MEAN MY CAR!!! Your big hose saved the day!!!!!

    OH NO… !!!! LOOK!!!! THE ROOF ON MY HOUSE IS ALL LIT UP!!! How did that happen???!!!! LOOKS LIKE YOU’LL BE OVER HERE AWHILE!!!

  2. can I have Sven’s number . . . . please . . . PLEASE – I know a group of ladies going away for the weekend–we may need a man’s help

    did I say PUH-LEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!

  3. […] before, I can see it happening again ) And now, despite my begging, I have no phone number for SVEN–dangitall–to take with […]

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