It’s a small world…

This past week wasn’t too bad workload wise. I actually got one thing accomplished which was an accomplishment all in itself. Several of my projects, that required I spend the whole day in a meeting are now at the design stage which means it’s turned over to the programmers to make our vision a reality. I can devote more time at work to actually getting things done now. By the middle of next year every single project should be implemented, the users trained, and we can finally say we spent the better part of two years making a difference in our company’s success. I really feel good about my contribution and as I read through the customer service letters I’m already seeing a difference as the tone and focus of their frustration has changed.  My business trip to London fell through, not that the meeting was cancelled but alas we’ve over spent the budget and only one of us can go. Since I’m the back up person I’ll have to hang back. I guess it worked out for the best because otherwise I’d have to turn right around to head off for Florida. My regret is that I won’t get to meet in person all the other folks from all around the world that I correspond with. I’ll make sure my coworker takes lots of pictures for me. I find it funny whenever we have one of these meetings because I realize how small the world really is. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, or Australia we all have the same office problems and it’s usually lies with the IT department. LOL you gotta love it!


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