Oh This And That

Oh I had to laugh at myself this morning. Fair warning this maybe TMI. I fell asleep forgetting to brush my teeth and to set my alarm clock. I woke to a little doggy wanting desperately to go outside, my mouth feeling like it was full of cotton and a zit by my lower lip. Because I had had such a sound sleep, I woke up feeling like a zombie and just about stumbled out of bed, then ran into the door jam, then almost tripped when I stepped into the sun room to let little puppy dog outside. All this a no alcohol. Do I ever feel old. If I wake up on schedule, I seem to be fine, well at least to me. But when I sleep in for some reason it takes me longer to get fully conscious. I don’t know why that is, it just is. One of my chores to accomplish today after work is to shred the junk mail that’s piled in a plastic bin by the shredder in the garage. I loath junk mail because it make extra work for me. What I’d like to do is charge 5 cents to the company for each piece of junk mail I get for labor. I think I’d be a wealthy woman. It’s a huge production shredding the mail because I first have to open the envelope, then shred, or if it’s a flyer I’ll just tear off the address part and shred that because it’s so big all of it won’t fit in the shredder. And for some of these companies who’ve sent me junk mail don’t they get that I’m not biting? So go away. I think Amex has got the picture that I’m not a blue card person. Thank goodness Publishers Clearing House gave up on me too. I’m not even safe from my own company! Oh speaking of hassles, if you signed up on the No Call list you must re-register as there is an expiration date and believe it or not our 5 years is just about up. Here’s the URL: https://www.donotcall.gov/default.aspx


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